Sustainable Farm Initiative

leveraging local resources for sustenance and education

Sustainable Farm Initiative

In order to fund the school and provide food for the students, the Wakiso Hope Project aims to purchase a plot of land to begin farming corn, beans, potatoes, yams and cassava.

Additionally, they will raise chickens and dairy cows. Produce from the farm will be used to feed the students and faculty and the excess will be sold to a wholesaler.

The farm will use sustainable farming techniques that enable the school to meet its financial needs without compromising the environment for future generations. This includes free-range chickens, grass-fed cows and the avoidance of pesticides and insecticides on crops.

Once the farm is completed, another subject will be added to the school curriculum: agriculture. Since many students will not be able to advance to secondary school, sustenance farming is a skill that can afford them a healthy and productive life.

A ten-acre plot of fertile farm land has been targeted for the farm in Zigote, Uganda. The area is known for its fertile black soil. We need to raise $28,000 to purchase the land. Subsequent to the acquisition of farmland, additional funds are needed for a vehicle to transport produce, a house for the farm manager, fencing materials, the purchase of seed and livestock, and farm implements.

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