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In a society where most people live day-to-day, the opportunity to budget in order to achieve short and long term goals is non-existent.

Ultimately, the Wakiso Hope Project wishes to foster systemic change by empowering the school leadership in Uganda to manage the finances of the school and farm. In order to achieve these objectives, we will teach basic accounting, budgeting and banking. With the purchase of the farm, the school has the opportunity to become financially independent. Eventually, school management will be responsible for the operational and capital expenditures of the school, farm and any associated property.

In cultivating a sense of stewardship with the staff, this endeavor will have far-reaching effects: students will be taught how to achieve financial independence as they transition into adulthood. Additionally, they will be encouraged to share resources with those who are less fortunate; a concept that is challenging for people who are raised in a society where there is little to share.

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